Q: Is it real stone?

A: Yes, all of our stone is real and has been collected from various sites across New Brunswick.

Q: What types of stone are available?

A: We work with three types: curved fieldstone, flat sandstone and polished granite.

Q: How much do they cost?

A: The cost varies depending upon the size of the stone. Some of our standard designs start at $25.00 plus Hst and shipping (if required).

Q: How is the stone engraved?

A: The stone is handcrafted with care using a sandblasting process.

Q: How long will my engraved stone last?

A: The stone has been here for millions of years. We feel quite comfortable saying that your handcrafted creation will last many generations to come.

Q: What can I get engraved on a stone?

A: The possibilities are endless. Contact us with your concept and we will produce 4 designs for your review.  Once you choose the design, the stone type and size, we will do the rest. 

Q: What is your guarantee?

A: Our guarantee -- if you are not totally 100% satisfied with your deeply engraved stone product because of workmanship, we will refund your purchase price or provide you with another deeply engraved stone product.